Grocery and Confectionery

Vegans without gluten and allergens
Bonbons Collections
Natural tasty products for everyone to be happy!

A Sicillian aroma in a Vegan Bolognese Sauce without meat
It’s all about the ingredients and Mama’s outstanding recipes

Hot, spicy sauces
Hot sauce made from hot peppers. From Habanero to Scotch Bonnet, green jalapeno and Chipotle.

Our fruits are the best because they are grown slowly, patiently
Fruit d’Or
Enjoy whole fruits that are softer and tastier: delicately sweet, sweet with apple juice or a mix of berries.

Freshly pressed ginger juice sweetened with pure Quebec honey
Jack’s Soda
The heat of freshly pressed ginger juice and Sichuan pepper with a refreshing lime flavour. Jack’s Soda presents its artisan tonic water to help you make to craft some awesome cocktails!

Our Desserts are the best anidepressants in the world
we offer a selection of our most decadent desserts that are rich in real ingredients and, quite frankly…

Discover the artisan cheeses of Quebec
Plaisirs Gourmets
Plaisirs Gourmets selects, distributes and promotes the best artisan cheeses in Quebec. We are a link between the artisan and the shopkeeper in love with the unique cheese, authentic and representative of its terroir.